Our Value

1. Integrity – the key foundation of what we do.  No compromise.
2. Idea Generator – Constantly brainstorm on “best practice” to optimize our workflow – a relentless pursue for productivity improvement.  Document what’s the best way today; and continue to optimize that very best tomorrow.
3. Team Work – Collaboration wins long term.  No man is an island.  Collectively, we build the best platform for what we do.  Be a marathon runner.
4. Professionalism – Start with a good habit; train for a good discipline.  Follow instructions and execute.  Become the expert for what we do.
5. Effective Communicator – When spot the risk, inform right away.  Don’t hide the problem; it costs less to tackle down early.  When see a good idea, share it right away; it is worth more for being early.  Time is money.  Every monument is built from a start of an idea generation, and fall by the beginning of a problem ignorance.  Speak up to prevent path loss or project delay; and to tune in harmony and focus.
6. Problem Solver – Always be a risk taker and not afraid of facing difficult problems.  Life is all about lesson learning from solving series of challenges.  Develop the mindset to tackle the problem, break it down, and enjoy the problem-solving process itself.
7. Good Planner – Always plan ahead.  Think far and visualize the forest.  Be imaginative of what the outcome could be.  Rule of 3 – always think about the 3 best optimized alternatives or possibilities, and choose the most suitable or best probable option.
8. Execution – Set a timely plan, phase down the schedule, and execute by task.  Subtraction rule – simplify what’s complicated; don’t paint a snake with feet; discover universal truth.
9. Adaptive – What’s unchanged in the world is that things are constantly changing.  We are lucky to enjoy the fun in the uncertain world.  Always learning, stay objective, adaptive, and investigative.
10. Passion to Learn – Train the ability, expand the capacity, shape for the better.  Target to double the knowledge base every year (let’s start practicing now as the world will demand everyone to keep that pace by 2020; in 2015, the requirement for all humans to double the knowledge base was in every 3 years).